Our Programs

At Kid’s Palace our primary objectives are based on the concepts of both care giving and teaching.  The Nursery School, strives to maintain a healthy, warm, caring and personal atmosphere in which the needs of the child and family can be met.  As an environment for learning, we strive to provide developmentally appropriate curriculums that both exercise and challenge the different areas of development.


Although all children grow and develop at different rates, there are general sequences throughout the lifespan that certain skills and abilities emerge.  The teachers as “supporters of development”, present learning experiences that their particular age group will be developmentally best able to master.  From here, they will take their new information and relate it to previous experiences and future expectations.


Kid’s Palace bases its curriculum strategies and goals on the most widely accepted principals of Early Childhood Education.  It believes that children learn best by “doing”, and that learning should therefore be active and direct.  The teacher’s prime goals are to promote active learning by providing learning activities involving “hands on” experiences.  The child will thus develop core understandings around which new knowledge can be built through less direct means, in later education.


Kid’s Palace is a racially-inclusive, multi-cultural organization.  We show respect and appreciation for the differences and similarities in cultural backgrounds.  Pride in ones heritage is encouraged.  We, also, encourage both girls and boys to develop all their human potentials beyond the limits of sexual stereotyping.  Violent, sexist or racist toys are therefore incompatible with the philosophy of the centre and are unacceptable.  Kid’s Palace has dedicated and qualified staff thus meeting the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of your child through a warm, healthy and stimulated environment.


Toddlers – 18 to 30 Months

Our toddler program run by an R.E.C.E and assistant, offers opportunity for physical & mental growth.  Our toddlers are encouraged to explore and experiment in a safe and stimulating environment.  A variety of interest based activities are planned for both indoor and outdoor play daily.  Each toddler has a daily report detailing their daily activities and food intake.  Parents are encouraged to check these reports for their child’s daily happenings.  Our toddlers are provided with toilet training routine daily and their progress is charted accordingly.   The toddler program is provided with 2 hours daily outdoor play in a fully fenced playground.
Teacher/child ratio is 1:5 during program hours in the toddler room.


Preschool – 2 1/2 to 4 years

Our preschool program is offered in a fun, nurturing way.  Children are introduced to colour concepts, shapes, numbers, patterns and vocabulary skills through daily activities.  The preschool program extends from inside to outside through stimulating play under supervision of an R.E.C.E and an assistant.  Our preschoolers are offered daily neighbourhood walks and outdoor play for 2 hours per day.  Our preschoolers are encouraged to be independent through fostered self-help skills such as serving their own meals and dressing/undressing themselves.
Teacher/child ratio in preschool is 1:8 during program hours.


Kindergarten – 4 to 7  years inclusive

Kindergarten is a time of great scholastic growth.  The children are provided with reading and mathematical activities daily with guidance from an R.E.C.E and an assistant.  Through phonetic awareness and simple addition our kindergartens explore a world of number and letters and how they fit into our lives.  We also offer full day care for those opting not to enter into the public school system.  This allows for more enriched programs containing science and technology, music and movement.  The arts are available on a daily basis along with 2 hours of physical outdoor play.
Teacher/child ratio in Junior Kindergarten is 1:10 during program hours.


Before & After School Care 7 to 12 Years Old

Our School age program is programmed and run by an R.E.C.E with special focus on art and science.  School children are sitting at a desk for most of their day.  At the centre they are encouraged to explore their creative sides while still being allowed the time to blow off steam through outdoor play.  Children are encouraged to complete their homework as per parental request.

Teacher/child ratio in Junior Kindergarten is 1:15.